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From the show notes:

  • Demorecord
    • What is it? TLDR: Text file creator of all actions in your instance.
    • What do I do with this text file?
      • Learn the pc command line run statement to start STO with the notation to open the specific text file
      • Or grab the demorecord launcher program that will help you do that and much much more.
    • Command to create Demo file
      • /demorecord
      • /demorecordstop
    • Where did the demo file go?
      • There will now be a folder in your STO install location called “demos”
      • Ie: “C:\Program Files (x86)\Star Trek Online_en\Star Trek Online\Live\demos”
  • Now what?
    • Either you in the STO Launcher after you have logged in, click “Options” up on the top right before you hit “Engage” and scroll down to Command Line
      • Here add in: -demoplay yourfilename.demo
    • Download and run STO Demo Launcher (link will be in the show notes)
      • All your demo files should be show in the Demo Luancher Program. Just select the one you want and the fun begins.
      • You can manipulate the file here removing effects, weapons, to renaming ships and changing a ship to say DS9.
      • Once you are done editing, you can save and start the demo in playback, which will launch STO in demoplay mode with the file you had selected.
  • I don’t have a UI how do I do anything?
    • To open Console: `
    • Pause: Spacebar
    • Free Camera Mode Toggle: F2
      • WASD+QZ and mouse to rotate and move around
    • Common Commands
      • /fov 75    (wide angle)

/fov 20    (pin point)

  • /fov 55    (default)
  • /renderscale 1 (default)
  • /renderscale 2 (higher quality, but takes more processing power)
  • /screenshot_jpg   (saves a screenshot, though any screenshot key you have set should still work, default PrntScr button)
    • However demorecord may forget to grab environmental backgrounds at times, so a 3rd party screenshot program may be best
  • /demo_restart
  • /quit  (exit out of the game)


Some Recommend Filters to use in the Demorecord Launcher (Thank you Tabbythagames for these)

  • Shieldindicator_Lvl
  • Soundfx_
  • Cfx_Ship_boardingparty_screenfx
  • Rep
  • Trait
  • lockbox
  • Eng
  • Sci
  • Tac
  • Cruiser_Aura
  • Intel
  • singularity_shielding
  • Bop
  • Bof
  • Buff

Episodes Covering Demorecord:

  1. F.A.R. Ep 94 Demorecrod and Beyond

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