New Character Challenge

New Character Challenge


  1. You can not claim/reclaim any zen purchases.
  2. You can not reclaim any event rewards, until after you can participate in the events.
    1. Nikodas and Grebog hit this during the First Contact event 2022 of April.
  3. You can not reclaim anything in the dilithium store reclaims
  4. You may only use crafted items that are made while streaming
  5. All races are allowed, as they only offer minor changes

Schedule and level breaks (for anyone that wants to follow along)

  • 2/21 Character Creation and tutorial
  • 2/28 Level 10 quick update with Borg Resurgence feature
  • 3/14 Level 20
  • 4/4 Level 30
  • 4/18 Level 40
  • 5/2 Level 50
  • 6/6 Level 61
  • 6/27 Level 65

This will be adjusted as time goes.

To find all videos from Nikodas in his progress of the challenge: F.A.R. Nikodas Challenge Playlist

To find all the videos from Grebog in his progress of the challenge: F.A.R. Grebog Challenge Playlist

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